A List of Friendly and Affectionate Cat Breeds to Consider

Some people think of cats as being independent and even rude at times. There are some truths to this stereotype, but you might be surprised by how social and loving the most friendly cat breeds can be. Here are some cute cat breeds you might want to bring into your home if you're looking for a new feline friend. List

Explore 8 Places on Earth Where the Sun Never Sets – Midnight Sun

The midnight sun is a term for places where the sun doesn't set. You might wonder if it is even possible sun never set and to have daylight for 24 hours straight. This may seem silly, yet it is a reality in some regions of the globe. At such locations, the sun acts differently throughout certain times of the year,

10 Most Common Superstitions that People Still Believe in Today

Despite its irrationality, everyone has at least one superstition. Superstitions, such as relying on a fortunate pair of trousers or avoiding Friday the 13th, help us make sense of the unpredictable nature of chance and feel more in control of our lives. The unusual cultural origins of some of the world's most widespread supernatural beliefs are explored here. 10 Most

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Did The United States Create The Earthquake In Turkey? 2


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Did the United States Create the Earthquake in Turkey?

Recent developments in Turkey have prompted many to question if the United States had a part in causing the earthquake. Due to the strained relationship

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